5 Tips For Effective Change Management

Missed our recent Speaker Series in Toronto on Leading Effective Change Management? Good news: our Digital Brand Ambassador, Silvia Pencak is recapping the event below and sharing her top 5 takeaways.

We’ll also be hosting change-themed Speaker Series in Calgary (Nov 8th) and Vancouver (Nov 7th) next month. Visit our events page for our full Speaker Series schedule, we have a number of can’t-miss events taking place across the country this fall!

Last week, WXN hosted a sold-out Speaker Series event in Toronto where 100+ guests were presented with practical strategies on leading effective change management.

The keynote speaker was Caroline Riseboro (@criseboro), CEO of Plan Canada (@PlanCanada) – one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the country. Caroline shared key lessons she learned during times of major organizational changes as she stepped into her role as CEO. Despite advice to not rock the boat, she decided to trust her gut and make the necessary changes to move the organization forward. There were a lot of “aha moments,” but here are my top 5 takeaways from Caroline’s presentation.

1. Society can’t afford us being stagnant

Change is necessary. Being in a reactive mode is deadly. When you’re reacting to things that are happening, you can feel productive, yet the reality is that you are maintaining status quo. Stability in an organization is important, but if you stick to it, you might soon become obsolete. We’ve seen it happen with giant companies who were ahead of the game and had billions of dollars yet still failed.

2. The only way to get ahead of disruption is to disrupt

If you’re going to ignite a major change, you need to have resilience. It won’t be easy. In order to ignite change, you need to have resilience first. Start today. Do something this year that will push you out of the safety zone and help you build stamina. You will need this resilience when you become a leader and need to make major disruptive decisions.

3. Prepare to let people leave

Change is only possible if the people inside the organization step in the boat. Not everyone will. It doesn’t mean that people are not capable, they are just not the right fit for the organization at the time of change. It’s not easy, but you must be willing to let them go.

4. Know when to push and when to pull

During times of change, constantly check in with people. How are you doing? Is it too much? Are you on track? What’s working? What’s not working? Pay attention to inner dialogue in an organization. Change brings both, passion and interest about where you are heading, but also enough criticism about where you are heading. If you are only hearing excitement, you might not be making the changes necessary and if you are only hearing criticism, you might be pushing too hard. When making the change, you will hear both.

5. Celebrate successes

Small successes will lead to bigger successes. Share successes across the organization to encourage change culture in your organization. You don’t have to be a top leader to do this. Become a change agent no matter where you are in an organization.

Caroline Riseboro is not only a great speaker, she is an inspiring leader who confidently walked her organization through turbulent times of change despite criticism and resistance. I am sure it wasn’t an easy journey. Yet, the results she achieved for her company, like helping more girls this year than ever in history, reaching their best fiscal year yet, and inspiring the Canadian Prime Minister to give his seat to a 16-year-old girl for a day, are things no one can take away from her. Great work, Caroline and all the best on your next journey!



Blogger: Silvia Pencak, founder & CEO of Powerful Life Consulting, a boutique consulting company located in Ontario, Canada.

Silvia is a consultant, speaker and an award-winning blogger. Her specialty is in change leadership and strategic team development. With hands-on experience on over 500 mission critical initiatives across four continents, Silvia helps business leaders establish proven, actionable strategies to keep essential projects on time, on budget, and on the mark with client expectations. Connect with Silvia at SilviaPencak.com or on Twitter (@SilviaPencak).

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