Deeply rooted in the power of human potential.

PhaseNyne helps companies and individuals to shape their journey towards equity, diversity and inclusion. We are deeply rooted in the power of human potential. Creating social impact and positive change are what drives us. We deliver this advancement through training, events, mentoring, networking, and award and recognition programs for our valued members and partners.
PhaseNyne is the operating company of WXN and CBDC.

PhaseNyne launch celebration
PhaseNyne launch celebration
PhaseNyne launch celebration
PhaseNyne launch celebration

Our values.

Game Shakers.

We are completely unafraid to shake up the game. By working together, we ignite inclusive change that will lead everyone to the next level of success.

Journey Shapers.

We shape your journey and influence futures. We pave the path to success through investment in people, empowerment of individuals and a commitment to fair and transparent work practices.

Story Sharers.

We share the incredible stories of phenomenal women. We allow a space of sharing and insight for all to listen and grow from one another.

Magic Makers.

When we invest in people, magic happens. We create a culture where everyone feels empowered, valued and inspired. We recognize and celebrate each other.

Society Shifters.

We have the courage to shift our thinking. We bring our voices forward to find creative solutions that make a sustainable impact creating a truly inclusive community.

Light Bringers.

We light the way to an inclusive workplace. Everyone is respected and provided with a safe and supportive environment where they are free to be themselves.

We’re on a mission to inspire organizations and individuals towards equity, diversity and inclusion in their businesses, careers and personal lives.


There's a sense of pride that comes from providing opportunities for people and society to grow.
Join our dynamic team.